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07 November, 2009

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Created upon mobilisation of the Greek Armed Forces, just days before the Italian invasion began, A.S. Kavalla was responsible for Army Corps "Delta" (IV Corps) and an Independent Group of Divisions (XIV and XVIII Infantry Divisions) who were garrisoning the Metaxas Line in Eastern Macedonia. The primary objective of this A.S. was to guard against invasion from Bulgaria - In October 1940 the greatest fear was a combined Italian (Albania) and Bulgarian invasion, with the Bulgarians viewed as the greater threat.

On the 03 November 1940 A.S. Kavalla was renamed A.S. Eastern Macedonia (q.v.).

Army Section Assets for A.S. Kavalla

  • See A.S. Eastern Macedonia entry - It is probable A.S. Kavalla had most of these assets before being renamed.

Formations assigned to A.S. Kavalla