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07 November, 2009

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The "Independent Group of Divisions" was created immediately upon mobilisation, as a sort of surrogate Corps HQ for 2 of the Divisions defending the frontier in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Shortly before the Italian invasion, the "Independent Group of Divisions" was assigned to the A.S. Kavalla as part of the defences of the Metaxas Line facing the Bulgarians.

The Group surrendered, as part of A.S. Eastern Macedonia (A.S. Kavalla had been renamed on 03 November 1940), at 1pm on the 09 April 1941 after putting up an excellent defence against twice their number of German Forces for 3 days.

Army Corps Assets for Independent Group of Divisions

Confirmed units are identified by their number and/or name, Units without numbers or names are theoretical and subject of on going research.

This Group appears to have been only an Administrative and Command formation, without any actual assets.

Formations assigned to Independent Group of Divisions

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