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07 November, 2009

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Created on 03 November 1940 by renaming A.S. Kavalla, under command were Army Corps "Delta" (IV Corps) and an Independent Group of Divisions (XIV and XVIII Infantry Divisions) which were garrisoning the Metaxas Line.

By February 1941 all the Divisions of Army Corps D had been transferred to reinforce the Albanian Front, leaving this formation without any troops. Consequently on 08 February 1941 Army Corps D (IV Corps) was disbanded, and A.S. Eastern Macedonia was left with just 3 Divisions (including the Independent Group of Divisions) under command.

At the time of the German Attack on 06 April 1941, A.S. East.Mac had under command the "Independent Group of Divisions" (XIV and XVIII Infantry Divisions), VII Infantry Division, 19th Motorised Division, the Brigades in Thrace ("Nestos" or "Nestu" and "Evros" or "Evru"), and the Garrisons of the Frontier Fortresses (which were included in the various Infantry Divisions & Brigades). A Third Brigade, "Alexandroupoleos" was in the process of forming. A.S. East.Mac was responsible for all areas East of a line from Lake Dorian to Salonika, but lacked any effective mobile reserve to cover its open left flank. At 1pm on the 09 April 1941 A.S. East.Mac. capitulated to the Germans after its flank had been turned and Salonika entered by German Troops. Its last troops manning the Frontier Forts (incl. Fort Rupel) surrendered on the 10 April 1941. The German XVIII and XXX Korps (1 Pz.Div, 2 Mtn.Div, 3 Inf.Div) had failed to make any impression frontally on the Greek positions (other than overrunning Eastern Thrace), and commented that "they had not experienced such effective resistance in either Poland or France".

Army Section Assets for A.S. Eastern Macedonia

Confirmed units are identified by their number and/or name, Units without numbers or names are theoretical and subject of on going research.

Army Level Heavy Artillery Regiment
    Artillery Regiment Headquarters: ?
    I (Field) Artillery Battalion: 8 or 12 (Schneider) 85mm L/35 Field Guns & Horse Limbers.
    II (Medium) Artillery Battalion: 8 or 12 105mm Field Guns & Horse Limbers.
    III (Heavy) Artillery Battalion: 8 or 12 155mm Medium Guns & Horse Limbers.
Army Level Motorised Heavy Artillery Battalion:
    8 or 12 (Skoda?) 150mm Howitzers & Trucks.
Army Level Anti-Aircraft Detachment
    Headquarters: ?
    2 Medium AA Batteries, each: 4 37mm AA Guns & Horse Limbers.
Army Level Engineer Battalion
    Headquarters: ?
    3 Engineer Companies, each probably: 3 Engineer Platoons & Horse Wagons
4 Army Bridging Companies, each:
    Pontoon Bridge(s) & Horse Wagons

Formations assigned to A.S. Eastern Macedonia