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07 November, 2009

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This Army Section HQ was created on 06 March 1941 in response to the newly pro-axis Jugoslavia. Previously Jugoslavia and Turkey had been seen as Allies against the Italians and Bulgarians. A.S. Cent.Mac. was responsible for the Jugoslavian Border.

At the time of the German Attack on 06 April 1941, A.S. Cent.Mac. was guarding the Jugoslavian Frontier (with 3 weak Divisions), its forces intermingled with, and subordinate to, the Commonwealth Troops of Wilson's force "W". On the 08 April 1941 the commander of A.S. Cent.Mac. was sacked for "being critical of" General Papagos's orders, and the XII Division commander, General Karassu (Karassou), was promoted to command the Army.

On the 11 April the Headquarters of the A.S. moved from Perdika to Vateron - By this time the A.S. Cent.Mac. commanded only the XX Division. At some stage after this the last remnants of A.S. Central Macedonia were subordinated to A.S. West.Mac under General Tsolakoglou.

Army Section Assets for A.S. Central Macedonia

Confirmed units are identified by their number and/or name, Units without numbers or names are theoretical and subject of ongoing research.

6th Static M.G. Battalion
    Headquarters: ?
    3 M.G. Companies, each: HQ & 3 M.G. Platoons (each of 4 MMG).
    1 Rifle Company: HQ & 3 Rifle Platoons.
This unit lacked any transport, and could not be easily moved - it was raised in early 1941. It was only in action from 06 April 1941, the bulk of its MGs were abandoned without seeing action because of the constant forced withdrawal and its lack of transport. The troops forming this battalion were all recovered wounded from the Albanian Front not all of whom were back to 100% fitness

Army Level Heavy Artillery Regiment
    Artillery Regiment Headquarters: ?
    I (Field) Artillery Battalion: 8 or 12 (Schneider) 85mm L/35 Field Guns & Horse Limbers.
    II (Medium) Artillery Battalion: 8 or 12 105mm Field Guns & Horse Limbers.
    III (Heavy) Artillery Battalion: 8 or 12 155mm Medium Guns & Horse Limbers.
Army Level Motorised Heavy Artillery Battalion:
    8 or 12 (Skoda?) 150mm Howitzers & Trucks.
Army Level Anti-Aircraft Detachment
    Headquarters: ?
    2 Medium AA Batteries, each: 4 37mm AA Guns & Horse Limbers.
Army Level Engineer Battalion
    Headquarters: ?
    3 Engineer Companies, each probably: 3 Engineer Platoons & Horse Wagons
4 Army Bridging Companies, each:
    Pontoon Bridge(s) & Horse Wagons

Formations assigned to A.S. Central Macedonia