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The Greek Army 1940-41
The defenders of Greece

The Correct title is actually the "Hellenic Land Army", (note it was not the "Royal" Hellenic Amy, unlike the Navy and Air Force) however throughout it will be referred to simply as the "Greek Army" for brevity. There were several changes in command organisation during the campaign, and some improvisation in the latter stages as the increased number of Divisions and losses caused some equipment to be in short supply. The Greek Army eventually fielded (at its peak) 21 Divisions (1 Motorised, 1 Cavalry, 19 Infantry), and approximately 4 Brigades.

"Off to the front - Greek Mobilisation." Photo kindly supplied by permission from the Greek ΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΤ ΙΚΗΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ Magaziene, 1998.

Many of the Divisions started the war as Independent Brigades, and consequently the exact number of Independent Brigades in the Greek Army varied from month to month, but essentially the number reduced over the course of the campaign. At various stages the Army had operational 6 Army Commands and 7 Corps Commands, details of which are also provided. Finally there were numerous independent units; such as the "Frontier Sectors" (Border Security & Fortress units of approximately Regimental Strength), Security Companies (deployed as quick-reaction detachments to respond to Parachute drops and such like), and specialist Fortress Garrisons.

  1. Army Commands and Organisations.
  2. Army Corps Commands and Organisations.
  3. Cavalry, Motorised, Infantry & Mountain Divisions and Brigades.
  4. Regiments & Battalions.
  5. Theoretical Tables of Organisation & Equipment.
  6. Equipment, Weapons, and Vehicles of the Greek Army.