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07 November, 2009

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Small Arms & Support Weapons (MMGs & Mortars) used by the Greek Army:

  • Mannlicher-Schonauer 6.5mm M1903/14 Rifle
  • Hotchkiss 8mm Light Machine Gun
  • St. Etienne Medium Machine Gun

Artillery (Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft, Field, Medium, Heavy, and Infantry Guns) used by the Greek Army:

Anti-Tank Weapons

  • 0.55" Boys Anti-Tank Rifle (British)
  • 20mm Solothurn Anti-Tank Rifle (Captured from Italians)
  • 37mm L/45 Anti-Tank Gun (German PaK35)
  • 47mm L/32 Anti-Tank Gun (Captured from Italians)

Anti-Aircraft Weapons

  • 20mm L/113 AA Gun (German FlaK30)
  • 37mm L/98 AA Gun (German FlaK36)
  • 88mm L/56 AA Gun (German FlaK18)

Field, Medium, and Heavy Artillery

  • 75mm L/19 Field Howitzer
  • 85mm L/35 Schneider Field Gun (French)
  • 105mm L/19 Field Howitzer

Armoured Fighting Vehicles (Tanks, Armoured Cars, Carriers) used by the Greek Army:

Other Vehicles & Equipment used by the Greek Army:

  • Italian Pavesi (Heavy) Artillery Tractor