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The Royal Hellenic Navy 1940-41
The defenders of Greece

The first Greek loss occurred on 15 August 1940, when the Cruiser Helli was ostensibly sunk by an Italian Submarine, and by the time the Evacuation of Greece had been completed in April/May 1941 the Greek Navy had lost 21 of its 32 vessels (mostly to Aerial Attacks after the German intervention on 06 April 1941).

Early tasks in 1940 included ferrying troops to the mainland from the outlying islands, and shore bombardment in support of the troops on the South-West Albanian Front.

The following is a brief list of the vessels of the Greek Navy - This will be updated as more information comes to hand.

"Greek Troops Celebrate! An artillery position in the mountains, winter of 1940-41." Photo kindly supplied by permission from the Greek ΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΤ ΙΚΗΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ Magazine, 1998.

  • 1 1905-06 Armoured Cruiser (Old Pre-WWI Type)
  • 2 Light Cruisers (Old Pre-WWI Type)
  • 4 Destroyers (Old Pre-WWI Type)
  • 4 Destroyers (Italian "Hidra" Class)
  • 13 Torpedo Boats (Old Pre-WWI Type - Smaller than a Destroyer)
  • 2 Motor Torpedo Boats
  • 6 Submarines

We will eventually have a full list of all the vessels, their specifications and their fates.