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Albania, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Crete 1940-41
The defence then conquest of Greece

The main Greek campaign basically divides into 8 major phases;

  1. The 1st Italian Offensive.
  2. The 1st Greek Offensive.
  3. The Winter Stalemate.
  4. The 2nd Italian Offensive.
  5. The German Offensive and Invasion of Greece & Yugoslavia.
  6. The 2nd Greek Offensive & The Defence of Florina.
  7. The Retreat and Defeat of the Greek & Commonwealth Forces.
  8. The German Airborne Assault on Crete.

"Greek Troops take an Italian Prisoner - Greek & Italian Re-enactors." Photo kindly supplied by permission from the Greek ΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΤ ΙΚΗΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ Magazine, 1998.


The Occupation and eventual Liberation of Greece 1941-1944
The resistance and eventual liberation of Greece

- To be researched.

The Greek Civil War 1943-1949
The polarisation and conflict within Greece

- To be researched.

Summaries of each phase will be provided as soon as we can write them up - Apologies that they are not already available.