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07 November, 2009

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Group Kosmas

The Group of Divisions K (named after their commander General Kosmas), was created after the successful initial defence of the frontier - It was effectively a surrogate Corps, although smaller than some of the other Army Corps. The Group was slotted into the line between Corps B and G, under the command of A.S. Western Macedonia, effectively taking responsibility for the third sector of the Albanian Frontier (albeit a smaller sector than the other three).

On the 15 December 1940 Army Corps E in Thrace was officially disbanded. On the Albanian Front, Group of Divisions K was renamed Army Corps E. (q.v.)

Army Corps Assets for Group of Divisions K

Confirmed units are identified by their number and/or name, Units without numbers or names are theoretical and subject of on going research.

The Group would have acquired additional assets (over time) from the disbanded Army Corps D, and also possibly the disbanded Army Corps E. Most likely this formation received most (if not all) of the Army Corps D assets over the winter of 1940/41 once it had been renamed Army Corps E.

Once disbanded the remaining Corps assets would have presumably been added to A.S. Western Macedonia's Army Assets.

Formations assigned to Group of Divisions K

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